Friday, June 18, 2010

Grey with a Pop: a Color Board for June-uary

Despite the fact that we're solidly in the middle of June, 'round these parts we've only gotten a tiny taste of summer. Overall, it's been very wet up here in the Northwest. We got more rain in May than in February. It's definitely made me appreciate the warm, clear days when we have them, few and far between as they are.

Nevertheless, the days are still long, and the combination of mild temperatures, intermittent sun, and plenty of water has made for some very lush landscaping. Hence the inspiration for this color board: defiantly bright blooms popping against a forbidding, storm grey sky.

(Necklace: For Me, For You; Vintage naval wedding photo: Flickr; Polka Dot Pump and Grey Dresses: J Crew; Papillon Top: Mod Cloth; Cake: Artisan Cake Company; Fabric flower: Melbry; Ice cream dishes: Knack Studios; Brooch: Ulani; Flowers: Anna Mara Flowers; Mailbox: Knack Studios)

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